Chenhui Group's "executive power and corporate culture" training ended successfully

From October 6 to 7, Chenhui Group carried out "executive power and corporate culture" training in the group training room in order to improve the management level, grasp the development direction of the group and stand out from many competitors. The training was attended by 130 people from within the group at or above the executive level. The training lasted two days, and Mr. Huang Xiaoyi, a senior management expert from Taiwan, gave an in-depth explanation on the two themes of executive power and corporate culture.

Huang Xiaoyi, the teacher of this training, has rich experience in teaching. He is good at combining theory with practice in the process of teaching. The case is full and vivid and interesting. The students also benefit from the original explanation of executive power and corporate culture. The students are eager for knowledge under the stage. They not only listen attentively and take notes carefully in class, but also communicate with Mr. Huang after class.

The training was highly valued by the company's leaders. Chairman Zhao and President Gan even took time out of their busy schedule to participate in the training. At the end of the training, President Gan put forward his views on the current problems of the company, and asked everyone to grasp the essence of the training, improve their own and departmental execution in reality, and implement the corporate culture.

On October 7, the training was successfully concluded. The participants unanimously reflected that the training had a clear theme, rich content, compact time, and benefited a lot, and hoped to participate in more similar training to recharge their batteries.