Climb the peak of Mount Huangshan and show the morning glory!

In order to enrich corporate cultural life, improve company welfare, enhance team cohesion and combat effectiveness, cultivate and create the morning glory spirit of "unity and fraternity, positive progress, tenacious struggle, and courage to climb the peak". On September 1, the company organized production line cadres to carry out the activity of "Two day Tour of Unique Landscape and Mount Huangshan Mountain".

1、 Team style

Chenhui and Kunpeng spread their wings, and the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Huizhou Old Street is not as busy as before

Hiking, mountaineering, sharpening will, expanding training and wrestling team

2、 Elite charm

3、 Gags of experience

1. The thousand-year-old trees are still luxuriant and green, emitting the light of life to survive in adversity. Is this unyielding and un-disturbant will and this style of self-improvement exactly the spirit that we Chenhui people advocate? It is this spirit that makes our team activities successful today—— Administrative Manager Chen Qiang

2. The results of team work can often exceed the total performance of individual members—— Yu Baojuan, Administrative Department

3. The sense of achievement and satisfaction of reaching the top of the mountain has made us forget the hardships on the way. The same is true at work—— Zhou Caidi, HR Department

4. Without the strength of the team and the encouragement of the team, maybe we will give up halfway before reaching the top of the mountain. Unity is strength! Our team of Chenhui is so powerful—— Guangbao Purchasing Gan Meili

5. The strength of one person is limited. Only by standing on the shoulder of the team can one go further and higher. We should learn to take responsibility. With the encouragement and support of our teammates, all difficulties and obstacles will be trampled under our feet one by one, just like the peaks of Mount Huangshan Mountain—— Guangbao Zhang Weidong

6. We should be good at observation and thinking. We should find ways to climb mountains. We should find the right way to work, adapt to circumstances, and be flexible. We should have the belief that everything must be solved when it comes to me—— Guangbao Zheng Guangjun

7. We should apply the perseverance and tenacity of climbing Mount Huangshan Mountain to our work, and all difficulties can be easily solved—— Yingbao Wang Zhiwei

8. Our quality and work are like the top of Mount Huangshan. As long as we persevere, forge ahead bravely and are not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, we can definitely reach the top of the mountain to enjoy the different scenery—— Baby treasure Chen Liming

9. I think the difficulties in life and work are like mountains. The process will be very difficult, but as long as we persist, we can conquer it—— Yingbao Hu Qiang

10. If you don't insist, you will never know how big your potential is. If you don't insist, you will never know what the next scenery (achievement) will be—— Baby Bao Liu Lijuan

11. The unremitting spirit of climbing Mount Huangshan Mountain is the spirit that our company needs very much, and nothing can be given up easily—— Guangbao Liu Fuang

The team activity was well organized and coordinated, and it was very lively. While wrestling with the team and tempering their will, they also let everyone feel the friendship and strength of the team. They were impressed and memorable. They said that they should unite in the big family of Chenhui, work actively, climb the peak bravely, and strive hard to achieve their life goals.