The third quarter sales conference of domestic marketing emphasized that the "king of replacement" strategy is unshakable

A few days ago, the domestic marketing center held the third quarter sales meeting to implement the group's development strategy, summarize the work in the third quarter, and deploy the tasks in the fourth quarter, aiming to mobilize the center's sales staff to actively develop the LED replacement market, standardize the daily sales work, stimulate sales enthusiasm, and work hard to achieve the goals of the whole year and create good results.

This meeting summarized the sales work in the third quarter of 2016 and comprehensively deployed the work tasks and priorities in the fourth quarter. For the difficulties and problems in the work, the company leaders and the heads of all departments had a discussion, exchanged their views and put forward countermeasures. In this meeting, in order to strengthen product knowledge and improve sales ability, the time for sharing product knowledge and sales skills and experience was specially arranged, and the participants said they benefited a lot.

Mr. Huang Zhiquan, assistant to the chairman of the board and general manager of the domestic marketing center, emphasized the company's strategic focus - the king of replacement, and clearly defined the responsibilities and daily work norms of each department. He put forward that sales personnel must understand customer information in detail, grasp the trend of competitors in time, and actively summarize their experience, so that they can adjust their sales tactics in time to cope with the severe situation of the ever-changing market, adhere to a unique path different from the industry, and lead and promote the industry. He placed high hopes on the sales staff present, encouraged everyone to become a top salesperson and shared the "four key words of sales: learning, thinking, acting and feeling".

Chairman Zhao Guosong also took time out of his busy schedule to attend the meeting. In his speech, he analyzed the international and domestic LED lighting market situation and the company's business situation, and made a brief analysis and forecast of the future market trend. Emphasis is placed on the "king of replacement" as the company's main sales operation mode, and full of confidence in the future of domestic marketing centers.

I believe that under the encouragement and guidance of the company's leaders, the center will be ready to go, grow in motivation, advance in growth, become the "king of replacement" in the LED market, and achieve good results in the fourth quarter!