In October 15, 1994,established Shaoxing County Electric Light Source Factory in Qikou Village, Taojing Town, Shaoxing.



In April 1999, a branch factory, Shangyu Chenhui Fluorescent Lamp Factory, was established in Lidong Town.



On September 27, 2000, Zhejiang Chenhui Lighting Co., Ltd. was incorporated. Chenhui Lighting (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Hong Kong in November.



In 2005, Chenhui Guangbao officially landed in the Chinese market with international vision and strength.


On March 6, 2007, Zhejiang Chenhui Guangbao Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated and the high-end cut into the domestic market.


In April 2008, in the “National High-Efficiency Lighting Product Promotion Project Bidding” jointly held by the Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission, Chenhui Guangbao included five tenders and became the first medium-standard brand.


In 2015, Chenhui LED new products detonated markets such as Japan and South Korea. The "smart lamp" sold well in Europe, and a new technology and design concept is about to lead the LED trend.


In 2016, Chenhui put forward the strategic idea of “king of LED replacement”, and brought all kinds of indoor and outdoor LED replacement lamps to fully develop the market, which was highly recognized and trusted by the market.