Chenhui Group actively participated in the second National Games of Xietang Town

On November 5, although it is late autumn, it is a rare good weather. The warm sunshine shines on the central primary school of Xietang Town. Xietang Town also welcomes the second National Games today. Chenhui Group actively sent a representative team to participate in the competition. The team members worked hard and strived to win the first place in the women's 600m, the first place in the team tug-of-war, and the second place in the chess competition, which fully demonstrated the vigorous spirit and strong team cohesion of Chenhui people.

At the opening ceremony, the team of Chenhui Group entered the stadium with vigorous steps and loud slogans. They are dressed in overalls and energetic. They are energetic and energetic. They radiate the vigor and vitality of Chenhui people and show that "we workers have power".

The persistence and transcendence of 600 meters, the unity and cooperation of the team tug-of-war, the calm and wisdom of the chess match... The all-out efforts of the Chenhui people, who are not willing to be outdone, added a strong mark to the Games. Although they are individuals, they fight for collective honor on the field. They are the real Chenhui people.

The organizers of this Games gave high praise to the brilliant performance of the Chenhui team, and looked forward to the next National Games Chenhui Group to create another good performance, compose the spirit of sports, and carry forward the positive energy of society.