2016 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Exhibition: "Chenhui Creation" attracts attention

From October 27 to October 30, the 18th Hong Kong International Lighting Exhibition was grandly held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The four-day exhibition attracted more than 2650 enterprises from 37 countries and regions. As a well-known LED lighting enterprise, Chenhui Guangbao appeared at this Hong Kong Lighting Exhibition with European products. A series of high-end and high-quality new products displayed during the exhibition attracted much attention.

It's hard to resist the morning light

The red and white color of Yu Mingpin Pavilion seems to have a different charm. It can't be moved away. Chenhui Guangbao is the owner of the red and white color. The design of the modern style booth with red and white as the keynote highlights the simplicity and fashion without losing the freshness and elegance, and shapes the generosity of the space. At the same time, Chenhui Guangbao appeared at the exhibition with a series of high-end and high-quality products. The products on display range from T8, T5, PL, T9 ring tubes to high-power high and low ceiling lamps, and LED replacement products covering various traditional lighting, which can meet the needs of different customers. Well-designed booths, unique products and high-quality and considerate services attracted and gathered many visitors from all over the world, and won unanimous praise. The atmosphere at the exhibition site was warm, and the negotiation and communication were continuous, which not only promoted the company's brand, but also completed a number of contract signing on the spot, and received a lot of goods. The European and American markets are still active in this international exhibition, while also expanding the Southeast Asian market. Broader channels and deeper exchanges, we trust and win with customers and create the future together!


Chenhui creates different good products

Chenhui Guangbao was founded in Shaoxing in 1994, focusing on the R&D and production of LED lamps, and set up R&D centers in Shanghai and Shaoxing. The independently developed Chenhui 1, Chenhui 2 and Chenhui 3 chips are in the leading position in the global LED application industry. The products at this exhibition are also deeply branded with "Chenhui Creation" and are favored by visitors.

1. T8 smart lamp

Product features: Seiko design, glass+PET diffusion film design, safety and explosion protection, soft light, reference to the self-developed Chenhui 2 chip, three uses for one lamp, no electronic ballast, no inductive ballast, no thread cutting, three-in-one, adaptive, tool-free direct replacement.

2. HID lamp

Product features: innovative appearance design, break through the bottleneck of traditional ballast, and use the independently developed Chenhui No.3 chip, which gives a feeling of lightweight and exquisite overall.

3. Street lamp

Product features: tempered glass design, waterproof, antifouling, anti-corrosion, protective lens; Back streamline design with self-cleaning function; Applicable to two-way four-lane, two-way six-lane; 150 degree large area luminous angle and the most perfect light effect and light distribution curve.

The four-day exhibition ended successfully with the joint efforts of all organizers and participants. With this professional international lighting procurement platform, it not only demonstrated the excellent product technical strength of Chenhui Guangbao, but also provided an opportunity to expand international sales channels, carry out international marketing and grasp the latest industry trends. "Science and technology core, Chenhui heart, new future", we believe that Chenhui Guangbao will be able to make great strides and be invincible on the way to become an innovator and leader in the global LED lighting field.