Hercyre! Chenhui has developed a double-ended LED lamp that can solve the safety problem during replacement

On November 15, 2016, three new products developed by Chenhui Guangbao Technology Co., Ltd., "Replacing LED straight tube lamps with electronic ballast fluorescent tubes", "T8 fully compatible LED straight tube lamps", and "Replacing HID high-power LED bulbs", were identified in Hangzhou. The appraisal expert group is composed of relevant professors and experts from Zhejiang Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, Zhejiang Lighting Society, Zhejiang Institute of Metrology, Zhejiang Institute of Energy and Nuclear Technology Application, Zhejiang Institute of Urban Planning, Zhejiang Institute of Media and Communication. It reviews the product trial production summary, product test report, product novelty check report, product intellectual property information, and on-site inspection of sample lighting, The above three products have been unanimously recognized by the expert group in terms of technical level and market prospects.

Among them, "T8 fully compatible LED straight tube lamp" solves the safety problem of replacing double-ended LED lamp that has troubled the industry for a long time. The product fully meets the relevant standards of IEC 62776, and conforms to the recommendations in the "Technical Report on Electric Shock Risk of Double-ended LED Lamp Pins" jointly issued by the Lighting Professional Committee of the China Lighting Society, the Professional Committee of Lighting Appliance Accessories of the China Lighting Appliance Association, and the Technical Alliance of the National Lighting Appliance Quality Inspection Center, It can be used safely. The product adopts CH0002 chip independently developed by Chenhui, which can directly replace the fluorescent lamp system with electronic ballast and the fluorescent lamp system with electric induction ballast, and has automatic switching function when replacing; Built-in electronic switch circuit solves the safety problem of double-end power supply. With this product, it is not necessary to modify the lamp system that originally used fluorescent lamps. It can be directly installed and used. It can be replaced by double-ended power supply on any circuit. It is a true T8 fully compatible LED straight tube.

Product introduction

Precision design, round structure, unique appearance, large luminous angle;

Glass+PET diffusion film, safe and explosion-proof, soft light;

High quality LED lamp beads, high luminous efficiency, high finger display;

The independently developed Chenhui 2 chip can automatically identify and switch;

Built-in electronic switch circuit to solve the safety problem of two-terminal power supply;

No need to consider electronic ballast, no need to consider inductive ballast, no need to consider wire cutting, three-in-one, adaptive, no stroboscopic;

Direct replacement without tools;

CE ErP RoHS NSF certification.