I know you will come, so let's wait -- Chenhui Guangbao Jiangxi Suichuan Classroom Lamp Public Welfare Practice Record

This morning light treasure Jiangxi Suichuan classroom lamp public service trip also ended successfully at the closing meeting. Although the mountain is high, the road is steep, the rain is frequent, and the life and transportation are inconvenient, the eager expectation of the children has become the driving force for us to overcome difficulties and continue to move forward. After field investigation by relevant technical personnel, Chenhui Guangbao has customized a special lighting renovation plan for each classroom. This public welfare trip has transformed 26 primary and secondary schools, transformed 400 classrooms, installed 3200 sets of classroom lamps and 2400 sets of writing board lamps, greatly improved the lighting environment of classroom lighting, protected the eyesight of teachers and students in school, and at the same time, it has become a landmark project of local lighting energy conservation project with its energy-saving effect, realizing a win-win situation of social and economic benefits.

◆ Before the transformation, the light is dim, strobe and low illumination

Before the transformation, the classroom lamps were mainly mixed with traditional halogen fluorescent lamps, power distribution ballasts and high-power energy-saving lamps, and there were no special lighting lamps on the blackboard. There were problems such as dim light, stroboscopic, glare, low and uneven illumination, which seriously affected students' vision health and learning efficiency.


◆ More efficient and eye protection after transformation

In order to create a comfortable, healthy and green lighting environment for children, Chenhui Guangbao uses more efficient and eye-protecting professional classroom lights and blackboard lights. After the transformation, the average illuminance maintenance rate, uniformity and color rendering index of blackboard and desktop have been significantly improved, and the energy saving of a single classroom has reached 31%, and 400 classrooms can save about 240000 kilowatt-hours of electricity in a year, benefiting 20000 teachers and students per year.

◆ It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish

Chenhui Guangbao has deeply realized that teaching people to fish is better than teaching people to fish. It not only provides professional classroom lamps and blackboard lamps for children, but also directly improves the lighting environment of the school; More importantly, by carrying out various forms of publicity activities, we will publicize the relevant knowledge of healthy lighting, energy conservation and emission reduction, and rational eye use, so that the concept of green lighting and scientific eye use will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the concept of energy conservation will be transformed into conscious actions and living habits of teachers and students, so that healthy lighting, energy conservation and emission reduction will become a common practice in Suichuan, Jiangxi.

This morning light treasure Jiangxi Suichuan classroom lamp public service tour is over. This valuable experience has won the unanimous praise of local school teachers and students and the public, and also makes us feel that we have a long way to go. It is not the end point. In the future, Chenhui Guangbao will continue to support the improvement of school lighting in middle and middle schools in central and western China, adhere to the concept of "healthy lighting energy conservation and emission reduction" in public welfare, and make positive contributions to improving the school lighting environment and protecting students' eyesight.