The 2016 annual sales conference of domestic marketing was successfully held

A few days ago, the domestic marketing center grandly held the 2016 sales conference and 2017 sales work plan meeting. The meeting implemented the Group's development strategy, summarized the development situation in 2016, and deployed the sales tasks in 2017, aiming to mobilize all sales staff to actively explore the domestic market segments, strengthen the "king of replacement" strategy, stimulate sales enthusiasm, and strive to achieve the 2017 annual sales goal and establish the market position of Chenhui to create new achievements.

In the past year, 2016 has been a year for domestic marketing to challenge and surpass itself, and also a year with remarkable achievements. Not only has the sales doubled compared with last year, but also has successfully undertaken and operated many large engineering projects; Its comprehensive strength and brand influence have also been recognized by the industry, and it has won three awards: "2016 Top Ten Light Source Brands in China's Lighting (Lighting) Industry", "Top Ten Technology Leaders in LED Industry" and "LED Industry Cross-border Development Potential Award". This has laid a solid foundation for the Center to achieve sales goals and achieve comprehensive and leapfrog development in 2017.

At the meeting, the heads of the major regions, provinces and functional departments of the domestic marketing center made a detailed summary and review of the work in 2016, and analyzed and planned the work in 2017. After carefully listening to the report of the head of each department, Mr. Huang Zhiquan, the general manager of domestic marketing, immediately made a speech entitled "The king of replacement, standing at the forefront of the industry; unity of purpose, invincible strategy and tactics". He first reviewed the work performance in 2016, affirmed the efforts of all colleagues in work, and put forward the work requirements for 2017 on the basis of the analysis of the overall situation, and gave guidance to the deficiencies in the current work. In order to strictly implement the goal responsibility system and strengthen the sense of responsibility, the sales staff signed the performance goal responsibility statement on the spot, and the sonorous and powerful oath voice haunted the whole conference room, bringing the conference atmosphere to a climax.

Mr. Zhao Guosong, the chairman of the board, also took time out of his busy schedule to attend the meeting. In his speech, he analyzed the current situation and opportunities faced by the company and pointed out the way for the future development of the center. He stressed that it is necessary to firmly implement the corporate culture - "be honest and take the right path", firmly adhere to the "king of replacement" strategy, implement production automation, intelligent management, attach importance to technological innovation, lay a solid foundation for development, and establish a brand image. Zhao Dong was full of confidence in the future of the domestic marketing center, and presented an award to Mr. Su Huacheng, Director of North China Region (Key Account Department), the winner of the performance and sales of the domestic marketing center in 2016/the fourth quarter.

"The auspicious monkey drives, and the golden rooster announces the dawn". In 2017, the domestic marketing center will overcome all difficulties and challenges with firm faith and determination, and take a down-to-earth road of its own "replacement king" to create new brilliance in Chenhui!