"Beautiful Jiangyou • Rhythmic Fujiang" Water Music Fountain Light Show

In 2016, the Jiangyou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Mianyang City, Sichuan Province launched the large-scale lighting and upgrading project of Jiangyou Sports Park in order to improve the city's appearance, enhance the city's taste and create the city's highlights. Chenhui Guangbao successfully won the sample project at the end of November (the bid winning amount: 55.64 million yuan) and customized high-quality LED products and system solutions according to customers' needs to make the "hometown of Taibai" more dreamy and poetic. Among them, the water music fountain light show has become one of the highlights of the project.

Water Music Fountain Light Show

Fujiang River is the largest river in Jiangyou City, with beautiful scenery on both banks. You can feel the tantalizing artistic conception of "Sichuan Road, Taibai Township, poetic habitat" when you visit Fujiang River at night. Now, in the section of the sports park where the stars are shining and the streamers are overflowing, the "Beautiful Jiangyou · Rhythmic Fujiang" water music fountain lighting show also officially kicked off during the Spring Festival. This time, the light show focuses on the four themes of "innovative Jiangyou, open Jiangyou, happy Jiangyou, and beautiful Jiangyou". Through the continuous switching of music, light and shadow, and waterscape, it shows the history, present and future of Jiangyou, and reflects its openness, vitality and heritage.

https://v.qq.com/x/page/r0369nogima.html (2-minute video of "Beautiful Jiangyou · Rhythmic Fujiang" water music fountain light show)

If you want to enjoy the scene from all angles, you can click the following live link of Jiangyou TV to watch the live video: http://wzb.jiangyoo.com/?c=activity&a=live&id=33440

Behind this magnificent and magnificent light and shadow feast is the hard work of morning glow people day and night. In order to ensure that Jiangyou people can watch the light show before the Spring Festival, Chenhui designers and engineers have made many field investigations on the site, and optimized the design, customized and developed relevant lamps and lanterns in cooperation with Jiangyou's unique natural, historical and cultural environment. The perfect encounter of fashionable lighting, dynamic music and energetic fountains has brought a different visual experience to Jiangyou people. In this project, Chenhui is not only providing good lamps and lanterns, but also relying on its efficient and high-quality services and scientific lighting solutions, as well as its experience in undertaking large projects, it has been recognized and praised by customers, and has accumulated a good reputation and reputation.

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