Chenhui Group 2016 Annual Summary Conference and 2017 Spring Festival Gala concluded successfully

On January 20, 2017, the Chenhui Group 2016 Annual Summary Conference and the 2017 Spring Festival Gala with the theme of "Sun, Moon and Stars, Double Treasures and Splendor" was held in the group headquarters. This annual meeting was strongly supported by the group chairman Mr. Zhao Guosong and the president Ms. Gan Caiying. The company's excellent employees and company leaders gathered together to share the 2017 Spring Festival Gala banquet.

★ 2016 annual summary meeting

At 3:00 p.m., the company's 2016 annual summary meeting opened. At the summary meeting, the head of the company's marketing department/business unit first summarized and reported the work of the marketing department/business unit in 2016, and looked forward to the development of the next year. After the report, Mr. Zhao and Mr. Gan delivered an important speech, summarizing the exploration and development process of the company in the past year, and putting forward the strategic plan for 2017. In the end, Zhao Dong made an in-depth interpretation of the newly revised corporate culture. "Being an honest person and taking the right path" will encourage every Chenhui person to move forward towards the established goal and strive for the company's better development in the future!

★ The sun, moon and stars shine brightly

The monkey presented his good fortune to bid farewell to the old year and the golden rooster to welcome the new year. At 6:00 p.m., the company's 2017 Spring Festival Gala began on time. The evening program is colorful, with climaxes. The beautiful songs, beautiful dances and funny sketches are all written, directed and performed by Chenhui employees, fully demonstrating the innovation, confidence and team cohesion of Chenhui people. As the highlight of this annual meeting, the award ceremony for outstanding employees was solemnly launched. At the award ceremony, the company's leaders successively awarded three awards, namely, excellent employees, excellent shift leaders and excellent cadres, to commend the employees who made outstanding contributions to the company in 2016. In order to enliven the atmosphere at the scene, the company specially prepared rich prizes for everyone, and the raffle section pushed the whole party to another climax.

Beautiful things always make people feel the passage of time. A passionate chorus, "Tomorrow will be better", sang every Chenhui people's vision and blessing for the bright future of Chenhui, and also announced the successful conclusion of this annual meeting. Finally, we all raise a glass to wish Chenhui a prosperous and prosperous business, and wish all employees a happy and healthy life and a prosperous year.

The year of the monkey is auspicious, and the year of the chicken is blessed. In 2017, Chenhui will continue to build on the past and open up a bright future with the joint efforts of all employees!