At the 2017 Guangya Exhibition, Chenhui Guangbao showed its strong strength as the "king of replacement"

On June 9-12, 2017, the 22nd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition), the top banquet of the lighting industry, was held in the China Import and Export Commodity Trade Exhibition Hall. As a large LED lighting professional manufacturer and lighting solution provider, Chenhui Guangbao once again presented its new products at the B18 booth in Hall 4.1 of Guangya Exhibition as scheduled, showing the strong strength of "the king of replacement" to lighting industry professionals from all over the world.

Huang Zhiquan

General Manager of Domestic Marketing of Chenhui Guangbao Technology Co., Ltd

For this participation in Guangya Exhibition, Mr. Huang Zhiquan, general manager of domestic marketing of Chenhui Guangbao Technology Co., Ltd., said that Guangya Exhibition is not only a platform to display products, find global business partners, achieve business cooperation, and promote industrial exchanges, but also a platform to convey corporate strategy, display corporate culture, and promote brand ideas to the outside world. In recent years, Chenhui Guangbao has taken the lead in putting forward the "king of LED replacement" strategy, and has made gratifying achievements under the leadership of Mr. Zhao Guosong, Chairman, and Ms. Gan Caiying, President.

Accurate positioning and breakthrough of the "king of replacement" strategy

Mr. Huang Zhiquan pointed out in the summary of this Guangya Exhibition that Guangya Exhibition customers have obviously changed from the previous distribution type to the engineering type. In the current era of LED shopping with overcapacity, channels are becoming more and more difficult to do and profits are becoming thinner and thinner. Only by breaking through strategic thinking and finding a personalized way suitable for oneself can we survive in this industry and develop steadily.

The customer visited the showroom and listened carefully to the staff's explanation

He stressed that the "king of replacement" strategy must continue unswervingly, gradually implement the brand product idea of "big replacement", take the company's enterprise strength as the cornerstone, connect central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, EMC contract energy management service companies and engineering dealers, create high-quality engineering cases, and achieve the double growth of enterprise sales performance and brand influence.

The customer visited the showroom and listened carefully to the staff's explanation

It is reported that since the company proposed the "replacement king" strategy, Chenhui Guangbao's domestic performance growth has shown a very good trend. It has not only won many large engineering projects in succession, such as the lighting renovation project of Jiangyou Sports Park in Sichuan, the lighting renovation project of Baishi Logistics in the national reservoir area, the procurement and renovation project of energy-saving lamps in Jiaxing Administrative Center, and the lighting engineering project in Thailand. At the same time, it has also been highly recognized by the industry and won many honors, such as "2016 Top Ten Light Source Brands in China's Lighting (Lighting) Industry", "The Fifth China's LED Industry Top Ten Technology Leaders in the LED Industry", "LED Industry Cross-border Development Potential Award" and "2016 Top 100 in China's LED Lighting Industry". Undoubtedly, the remarkable achievements have strengthened the confidence of Chenhui Guangbao to unswervingly implement the "king of LED replacement" strategy.

Industry reshuffle, from the Warring States era to the third world

Chenhui Guangbao's "king of replacement" strategy is a scientific and practical guiding ideology put forward on the basis of continuously improving the enterprise's own strength and correctly understanding the development trend of the industry. At present, Chenhui Guangbao's products have been successfully applied in government agencies, medical education systems, financial banking systems, subway airports, office lighting, commercial lighting, large-scale commercial supermarkets, factories and mining enterprises, road traffic and other engineering projects. The product strength and brand influence cannot be underestimated.

Customers coming to visit the exhibition hall are in an endless stream

In the view of Mr. Huang Zhiquan, the general manager of marketing, throughout the LED industry, the bugle of charging and looting the city and land has been sounded, and few can survive in this wave of historical development. He analyzed and pointed out that at present, from a regional perspective, there are three major production bases in Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang. In terms of strategic layout, foreign brands, domestic channel brands and domestic engineering brands must form three poles and three parts of the world. Foreign brands have established a certain brand status and occupied a place in the domestic market (including channels and projects); Domestic channel brands have gradually formed a trend of joint protection from the previous price competition, and basically started to move forward and backward together, with little difference; The domestic engineering brands represented by Chenhui Guangbao will shine under the influence of political and economic factors in the past two years, but there is no doubt that the competition will also be extremely fierce.

Under the leadership of Chairman Zhao Guosong and President Gan Caiying, the market at home and abroad has developed simultaneously

Mr. Huang Zhiquan believes that under the correct guidance of the company's "king of replacement" strategy, and with the strong support of Mr. Zhao Guosong, the chairman, and Ms. Gan Caiying, the president, the "king of replacement" Chenhui Guangbao brand will be famous throughout the country and abroad