Chenhui Guangbao was invited to participate in the "UNEP Global Efficient Lighting Promotion Seminar"

Recently, the Global High-efficiency Lighting Promotion Seminar jointly organized and hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme and the Global High-efficiency Lighting Technology Center was held at the Beijing National Convention Center.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mark Radka, head of the Energy and Climate Branch of the Economic Division of the United Nations Environment Programme, delivered a welcoming speech. Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Department of Consumer Products Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhao Huaiyong, director of the Energy Conservation Division of the Department of Environment and Resources of the National Development and Reform Commission, Hua Shuming, director of the Global High-efficiency Lighting Technology Center, and Liu Qian, deputy director, and other leaders attended the meeting. More than 100 representatives from the United Nations Environment Programme, international energy efficiency agencies, domestic certification agencies, scientific research institutes, and well-known enterprises attended the meeting.

Ms. Gan Caiying, president of Chenhui Guangbao Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the seminar and give a wonderful report. In the report, Mr. Gan shared the excellent achievements and experience of Chenhui Guangbao in the promotion of efficient lighting products. She elaborated on the efforts made by Chenhui Guangbao from the perspectives of corporate culture, corporate strength, active response to national policies and the formulation of correct marketing strategies (the king of LED replacement), and showed to the participants the cases of domestic and foreign high-quality projects of Chenhui Guangbao in recent years. Her wonderful speech won the unanimous appreciation of the participants.

It is reported that since the establishment of Chenhui Guangbao, it has produced 2.8 billion high-efficiency energy-saving lighting products, saved 4.2 billion kWh of electricity consumption, saved 3.6 billion yuan of electricity consumption, reduced 3 million tons of standard coal combustion, reduced 4 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, reduced 2.5 million tons of carbon dust emissions, reduced 300000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, and reduced 200000 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions.

The successful holding of this meeting has important practical significance for promoting the smooth implementation of the "efficient lighting product promotion" project at home and abroad, strengthening the communication and cooperation between the government, relevant institutions and enterprises, and further promoting the implementation of the "efficient lighting product promotion" action in the world. Chenhui Guangbao will also continue to be invincible and fearless in the promotion of efficient lighting. We are using our actions to prove who will become the innovator and leader in the global LED lighting field!