Shaoxing Datong Mall adopts Chenhui Guangbao LED lighting transformation scheme, which is fashionable and environmentally friendly

Shaoxing Datong Mall Co., Ltd. is located in the commercial center of Shangyu City, ranking the first in the scale of "Ten Major Commercial Buildings in Shaoxing City", and its performance ranks the first in the province's county-level and city-level single department stores. The company is formed by six groups including Shaoxing Datong Group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Xinghe Group Co., Ltd. Datong Mall has a business scale of 31000 square meters and more than 1500 employees. In 2007, the sales volume was 1.042 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 33.18%. The retail performance ranked first in the province and even in the country, and the sales performance reached a new high. The company leads the fashion, transmits the culture, has many international brands and domestic famous products, and leads the wonderful urban life. The selected brands are all the top brands in the world, China's well-known trademark brands and high-tech characteristic new products.


As a high-end department store, Shaoxing Datong Mall has very high requirements for the improvement of LED lighting. It hopes not only to take into account the lighting quality and energy saving effect, but also to reflect a modern, fashionable and trend-setting department store in the light aesthetic design. In order to meet the high requirements of Shaoxing Datong Mall for this LED lighting improvement, the engineers of Chenhui Guangbao Technology Co., Ltd. combined with the structural properties of the mall itself, customized lamps with a sense of lighting space and hierarchy, which just reflected the grade of the mall and showed the style of leading the fashion.


LED lighting fixtures are fully used in this project, and the main products are T5LED tubes, LED spotlights and LED downlights. Among them, T5LED lamp tubes can be matched with different electronic ballasts to realize direct tool-free replacement. This efficient and practical lighting solution, on the premise of effectively improving the lighting quality and creating a comfortable and bright environment, significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions, and greatly reduces the impact of project construction on business.