"Health, wisdom and eye care", Chenhui Guangbao, with new smart products, appeared at Xiamen Education Equipment Exhibition

On April 23-25, the 79th China Education Equipment Exhibition was held in Xiamen, the beautiful Ludao. Chenhui Guangbao Technology Co., Ltd. appeared at the exhibition with a number of latest intelligent educational lighting products and solutions, attracting many industry experts and customers to visit, and portrayed a new picture of future educational lighting for visitors in the exhibition and exchange.


▲ The exhibition site attracts many visitors


  • Gather innovative products and create new intelligent systems

    At this exhibition, Chenhui Guangbao, with the theme of "health, wisdom and eye care", focused on the latest achievements of the company's educational lighting by building a simulated intelligent classroom system, teachers' office and students' home learning environment, and provided system solutions for industry customers. While demonstrating Chenhui's technical strength, it also described the future possibilities of intelligent IOT lighting for people.

    Chenhui Guangbao's intelligent IOT classroom lighting system not only uses classroom/blackboard lamps with the characteristics of no blue light hazard, anti-glare, no stroboscopic, and full spectrum to create a healthy school light environment, but also introduces the intelligent classroom system to create a variety of situational application modes such as class, rest, self-study, school, multimedia teaching, and realize the interaction of classroom environment such as curtains, projectors, electronic blackboard lights, etc, Improve learning efficiency while protecting students' eyesight.

    In addition, Chenhui Guangbao also displayed germicidal LED classroom lamps, which the company launched in the shortest time during the epidemic in 2020, and participated in the formulation of the standard for classroom germicidal lamps with the Lighting Society.


▲ Intelligent IOT classroom lighting system for simulation display at the exhibition site


The protection of students' eyesight is more than classroom. Our lighting products can cover all areas of the school, such as classrooms, teachers' offices, student dormitories, roads, etc., and even focus on improving students' home lighting environment. Since the first batch of eye protection lamps of Chenhui came out in 2013 (at that time, together with Philips and other four enterprises, it became the first batch of companies to obtain the CQC visual operation lamp certification), and now the popular multi-functional eye protection lamps with high display value, no stroboscopic, anti-radiation, anti-blue light and so on have come into the market, so that children can thrive under the healthy light source, which has always been our pursuit.


▲ The exhibition site simulates the light environment of home learning and teachers' office


  • Invite industry leaders to talk about education and health
    The "2021 School Lighting and Light Health Seminar" sponsored by Chenhui Guangbao, under the guidance of the China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association and the Education Equipment Professional Committee of the China Quality Promotion Association, was held on April 24 as scheduled. In the face of the dual contradiction between the imminent improvement of the school's light environment and the indistinguishable products in the industry, the seminar discussed from the policy, industry, technology, light environment, regional transformation practice and other aspects. Finally, we will work together to achieve the goal of "jointly taking good care of children's eyes so that they have a bright future". At the meeting, Ms. Gan Caiying, president of Chenhui Guangbao, and Mr. Lu Guangming, deputy general manager of Chenhui Guangbao, started with many years of practical experience of deepening education lighting, and shared Chenhui's thinking on light health and the experience and successful experience of promoting health education lighting in the region with the participants in simple terms, which won the high praise of the participants.


▲ President Gan Caiying of Chenhui Guangbao made a speech at the seminar


  • Deeply cultivate education lighting and protect young people's vision

    Chenhui Guangbao is a product-driven enterprise. The company attaches great importance to the investment in R&D and laboratory construction, and inclines its R&D and other resources to classroom lights. As early as 2008, the company realized the importance of lighting environment to protect children's vision, combined with its own expertise, focused on the field of educational lighting, and jointly developed classroom lamps to protect vision with Fudan University and Shanghai Lighting Society. In 2009, the company obtained a technical appraisal report and a certificate of scientific and technological achievements unanimously approved by an appraisal and evaluation committee composed of multiple departments and experts, and the name of classroom lamps was born from then on, Since then, Chenhui Guangbao has become a pioneer and pioneer in the field of educational lighting.


▲ Obtain the technical appraisal report and scientific and technological achievement certificate unanimously approved by the appraisal and review committee


In 2009, Chenhui appeared at the equipment exhibition with classroom lamps, technical appraisal report and achievement certificate, and became the first lighting enterprise to participate in the education equipment exhibition at that time, attracting much attention. In the era of fluorescent lights, Chenhui is one of the largest suppliers of classroom lights. Chenhui's classroom lights have entered the campus of large and medium-sized cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Zhejiang, Xi'an, and transformed hundreds of thousands of classrooms.

With the continuous upgrading of LED products, the color rendering index (R9), no blue light hazard, no stroboscopic, no radiation and other indicators have been continuously improved, and the company has started to focus on promoting LED classroom lights since 2019. And once again, it cooperates with Fudan University to establish the "Advanced Lighting Industry Research Institute" to launch the intelligent project of the Internet of Things optical environment.


▲ Establish Advanced Lighting Industry Research Institute with Fudan University


Whether in the past, now or in the future, Chenhui Guangbao will shoulder the mission of "changing life with light and moving the world with light", constantly integrate the pursuit of light and hope into scientific and technological innovation, develop healthier, more intelligent and more eye-care classroom lamps, and protect the vision health of teenagers with practical actions.