Let excellence become an example - monthly commendation of excellent employees in production

Chenhui Guangbao Company has been developing all the way, and behind its continuous growth, it is inseparable from the hard work and selfless dedication of its employees. Especially the front-line employees. They have no heroic words, no great achievements, but they work hard and work hard, work hard in silence, and use their sweat to create the brilliance of the morning. Therefore, on the occasion of the monthly production meeting, the company specially commended and rewarded the excellent employees and line leaders of the monthly production line.

▲ Chen Shihai, Deputy General Manager of Production, took a group photo with excellent employees

At the meeting, Chen Shihai, deputy general manager of production, paid bonuses to excellent employees and excellent line managers and took a group photo. The award-winning employees delivered their speeches respectively.

The excellent front-line production staff set an example by themselves, shining with the brilliance of being an ordinary screw. They worked hard, regardless of gains and losses. They proved the philosophy that gold will shine everywhere with practical actions. We hope that in the future, there will be more excellent employees, with the "Belt and Ten" and "Belt and Ten", so that Chenhui employees will become synonymous with excellent talents!