2015 Chenhui new words: take the led cause to the end

On February 28, the 10th day of the first month, the strong/happy flavor of the year has not yet gone away. With the sound of firecrackers, Zhejiang Chenhui Lighting Co., Ltd., located in Xietang Town, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, officially resumed production. For the Chenhui people who accompanied the company into the new year, 2015 is full of their expectations and dreams.

Although it is the first day after the festival, both the administrative office area and the LED production workshop are in a busy working state. Mr. Lang, the vice president of Chenhui Company, said that the company had connected the production and operation work before the festival, so it could be put into production soon after the holiday.

Entering the production workshop of Chenhui Company, there is already a scene of booming production. It is understood that the company has a total of more than 2000 front-line employees. Since all aspects of the company are also considerate of the employees, and have good salary and living convenience, the staff team has been stable, and there are few large turnover phenomena. On the first day after the holiday, Chenhui employees also have a good return rate.

At the new year's meeting of the middle and senior management of the company, Chairman Zhao Dong concluded that "in 2014, we successfully transformed the enterprise from a traditional industry to a technology-based LED enterprise by relying on one positioning and five layouts. In the future, we will provide the strongest service guarantee for the market development in 2015 with a rapid response mechanism and reliable product quality."

Zhao Dong also pointed out that in 2015, the company will build a 145000 square meter LED factory and a four-storey technical research building to ensure the best quality of Chenhui products from incoming to outgoing; At the same time, it will further develop the automation of production equipment and maintain the stability of products at a higher level.

On the first day of 2015, Chenhui people will declare with the working attitude of "hard work/focus/devotion": Chenhui will take the LED career to the end!