Chenhui Guangbao launched a new product, aiming at the domestic market

       On December 28, 2015, Zhejiang Chenhui Guangbao Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chenhui Guangbao") held a new product press conference and dealer conference with the theme of "technology core, Chenhui heart and future new" in the conference room of Chenhui Industrial Park. Mr. Zhao Guosong, Chairman of Chenhui Guangbao, and Mr. Gan Caiying, President of Chenhui Guangbao and other company leaders attended the meeting and gathered with dealers from all over the country to share the fruits of innovation and seek the future.



Starting from "core"
Surprise and shine strength



At the conference, Chairman Zhao Guosong first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the dealers and media friends for their support and contributions in his speech on behalf of Chenhui Guangbao. He stressed that under the severe situation of the lighting industry as a whole, Chenhui people did not forget their original intention and kept a low profile. After more than two years, they independently developed 23 new products, mainly Chenhui No.1 and No.2 chips, which proved the strength of Chenhui Guangbao to the industry.


At the same time, Zhao Guosong also pointed out that 2016 will be a new start. Facing the coming 2016, Chenhui Guangbao will further strengthen its management in R&D innovation, product production, product marketing, brand promotion and other aspects, and provide more new and high-quality products for dealers. We hope that both parties can work together to create a brilliant moment belonging to Chenhui Guangbao.


New products and products appear together
Ordering will create new achievements


       At the meeting on the same day, Chairman Zhao Guosong, who was born in research and development, personally explained the characteristics of four series of new products, including "Morning Day", "Bright Moon", "Star of Light" and "Treasure Star", as well as the advantages of research and development design, to the participating dealers. The 2016 new product released this time fully takes customer needs as the foothold of product innovation, and further improves the product's appearance design, use performance, and sense of experience. Among them, the CH1858LED plug-in tube of the "Dawn Day" series, which is popular with dealers, is made of the independently developed Morninglight No.3 chip. It can directly replace the traditional downlight horizontal screw light source, has intelligent constant current, breaks the bottleneck of power supply life, and after the installation of the fixed lamp cap, the lamp body can rotate 300 degrees, allowing the lighting angle to be as desired. After understanding the strong advantages of Chenhui Guangbao's product design, dealers fully affirmed and confidently recognized the new product, and placed orders for their favorite products. The increasing order amount also pushed the conference to a climax, creating new orders.



accumulate steadily
Create a new future of Chenhui


       Chenhui Guangbao has gone through a hard, long and extraordinary 20 years from entrepreneurship and development to today. After 20 years of trials and hardships, Chenhui Guangbao has always interpreted the value of light with integrity, taking "light" as the cause, making products with conscience, and taking innovation as the gene to truly achieve the "creation in China" of LED lighting industry. At this conference, Chenhui Guangbao and friends from regional agents and dealers jointly discussed the new direction and development blueprint of the market, enhanced the communication between the two sides, gathered the confidence and strength of the people, and forged ahead. I believe that in the near future, Chenhui Guangbao will move towards a new milestone and create new brilliance on the development path!



Media meeting
Meeting record

Chenhui Guangbao: build a real LED power enterprise



       On the afternoon of December 28, 2015, taking the opportunity of the new product launch in the morning, Chenhui Guangbao held a media meeting in the conference room of Chenhui Industrial Park. Xu Zhiping, domestic marketing director of Chenhui Guangbao, Lu Wenlong, brand director of Chenhui Guangbao, Zheng Jiang, director of domestic marketing channel of Chenhui Guangbao, Wu Huoran, product manager of Chenhui Guangbao, and other leading teams, as well as representatives of Lighting Weekly, Sail Media, and China Lighting Network Media, attended the event to jointly discuss ideas and views on future product development, channel expansion and planning and layout of Chenhui Guangbao.



Positioning the market and product differentiation, winning customers' favor



Q: Could you introduce Chenhui's latest products (classification, technology, application, etc.)?


       Wu Huoran: Our products mainly focus on Chenhui No. 1, No. 2 and No. 5 chips. The 23 new products displayed this morning are mainly No. 1 and No. 2 chips, and No. 5 chips are intelligent products. Each product will take customer needs as the foothold of product innovation. As a traditional lighting enterprise transforming to LED, we have never changed the nature of light. Take panel lamp and grille lamp for example. Although the ultimate purpose of panel lamp is lighting, we will try our best to save energy and reduce its energy consumption while meeting the same lighting needs. In the field of application, according to the company's overall development strategy, the main products are light source products, and outdoor products are linked with high-quality projects, such as government high-end projects, courtyard lamps in Harbin, Northeast China, and courtyard lamps of real estate companies. As auxiliary products, of course, if the project dealer is also engaged in indoor and outdoor projects, it can also use this resource advantage to make a product support.


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Q: In your opinion, what is the market reaction of Chenhui's new product launch? Have you achieved the expected goal?



       Xu Zhiping: Our overall plan for this new product launch is as follows: First of all, Chenhui's positioning is to focus on engineering channels. Today, when the product homogeneity of the entire LED industry reaches 80%, Chenhui is different from the enterprises that fight price wars. It takes the route of market differentiation and product differentiation to create high-quality engineering market segments, and 80% of the participating dealers are professional in engineering projects, so from the number of customers We are very satisfied with the quality and product attention, including the stickiness of products and customers; Secondly, the additional payment after the new product is also very successful, because many engineering dealers choose products after winning the project, but for us, we hope to make profits to dealers through the grand event of new product release.


       Lu Wenlong: Through the contact with different customers, they are very satisfied with our product concept and use characteristics, because the customer's voice is the most authentic. The customer is still unwilling to leave after an hour's visit, and has been consulting, because they all come with purpose, with questions, and with satisfaction. From this point of view, Chenhui is still right in the direction of its products.


Combination of domestic and foreign sales, strengthen the promotion of Chenhui brand



Q: How does Chenhui build its brand in the next two to three years?


       Lu Wenlong: Chenhui's brand development has done very well in export sales, but it lacks brand promotion in China, so it is not widely known in the industry. Next, we will adhere to the unique path of Chenhui, combining domestic and foreign sales, and combining multiple channels. The general direction does not exclude the listing route. Now we focus on brand building from two aspects: on the one hand, we should adhere to the quality of internal molding, strengthen management, practice internal skills, do a good job in product quality internal control management with high standards and strict requirements, constantly improve and optimize the production process, and comprehensively improve the service level; On the other hand, adhere to the external plastic brand, strengthen the promotion and publicity of Chenhui brand, and effectively enhance the influence of Chenhui brand in the industry by communicating with various LED lighting industries, energy conservation and environmental protection companies and media friends.


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Q: Could you briefly describe Chenhui's current channel layout and planning? Will it go through the invisible channel of designers?


      In this new product launch, except for the CH1850 and CH3842 products facing the circulation market, i.e. logistics wholesalers, most of the products go through engineering channels. These engineering distributors have certain connections and resources and can undertake some small and medium-sized projects; Secondly, Chenhui will also make efforts to replace the market, because domestic buildings have accumulated a very large number of traditional lighting products over the past 30 years of reform and opening up. According to the current statistical data, LED products replace traditional lighting, accounting for only 10% of the replacement market, and 90% of the market has not been transformed. Therefore, the new products have obvious directionality, aiming at the replacement market.


As for the designer channel, it has just been tried this year and will continue to expand in the future. From the company level, it is more willing to build a platform to divide all the designer resources into dealers in the market by region, and let them operate as much as possible to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Be optimistic about EMC management mode and deepen the layout of key channels



Q: Now energy conservation and environmental protection are also being vigorously promoted. What impact does the energy conservation and environmental protection subsidy project have on Chenhui?


       Zheng Jiang: The government's decision to accelerate the development of LED semiconductors will not only help us, but also promote the whole industry. The government has very strict requirements for products entering the procurement catalogue. From the whole country level to local provinces, cities and counties, energy conservation and environmental protection documents will be matched by the end of 2017. More than 80% of these public units of government departments and financial expenditures will be replaced with LED, which will be a great opportunity for high-quality enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Our company team will also be more willing to promote the government's replacement market.


       Xu Zhiping: Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are the first to rise the energy contract management (EMC) model, and the corresponding whole business system will be more mature. Now they will gradually penetrate into each provincial capital city, utilize the resources of provincial capital cities, and continue to operate. This is also the new growth level of our domestic marketing center channel. At present, there are five contract energy management companies that have cooperated with, It is expected to develop 50-100 contract energy management companies in the future.


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Q: With the intensification of global market development, how does Chenhui grasp the control of team building and talent team management?


      Xu Zhiping: Team building is crucial to any marketing team. Because our business is a replacement project, we have many measures to strengthen the professionalism of the team, including service capabilities. First, the business team will have product knowledge training twice a month to assess and quantify the product knowledge and skills in the form of test paper or test; Second, because the engineering is relatively professional and involves the contents of bidding and tendering, our sales staff must be half an engineer, not only understand the product knowledge, but also deepen the lighting design, and be able to provide a professional solution support. Many engineering projects determine the direction of the list before the sale, so we will strengthen the pre-sale training.


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Q: Please briefly introduce the markets or regions that Chenhui will focus on in 2016.


       Zheng Jiang: At present, Chenhui's key development areas include four parts, namely, Northeast China, East China, Central China, and Southwest and Northwest China. Beijing, Tianjin, and Shandong are the main markets in North China. Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Fujian in East China have a deep foundation. Wuhan is the main market in Central China. There are special offices. Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, and Gansu are the corresponding areas in the Southwest and Northwest China. Each part will have one or two cities that are horns of each other, There is a healthy competition between teams. The channel positioning is that the enterprise should do a good job in technical response and support. The service providers and agents should do a good job in product landing and output, and do their own professional work, and finally output to users.


Create product differentiation and become a real LED power enterprise



Q: After the release of 2016 new products, will Chenhui consider OEM?


       Wu Huoran: Chenhui is also an OEM enterprise. In the early stage, it helped some big brands such as GE and Xiwannian to manufacture. At present, the enterprise's technological leadership is only temporary. Of course, Chenhui is also aware of this and will continue to carry out continuous research and development. There is no doubt about domestic sales. It is not entirely possible to reject the right ones. Another form of OEM is to outsource product production or service. According to the current development situation of the lighting industry, LED products will increasingly tend to the value law of homogenization and standardization, that is, universal lighting products will win by scale effect. The A5 fluorescent lamp tubes we are currently making can reach 100 in an hour. We have such scale advantages, but OEM has advantages and disadvantages, and enterprises can only balance. It may be processed on behalf of others if the cost is advantageous, but we must ensure that our production is controllable.


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Q: At present, LED is in the pre-cooling state. Powerful enterprises generally have two states: one is to overtake others at corners; The other is to wipe your hands carefully and pass the winter steadily. So, how can Chenhui grasp and adjust the development speed in the next three years?


       Xu Zhiping: First of all, let's talk about the current development of the industry: Although the LED industry is growing every year, 16% this year and 13% last year, the growth rate of LED is far behind the growth rate of enterprises. During the traditional lighting period, there are only more than 10000 LED companies, while there are at least 35000 LED companies so far. There is serious overcapacity, and there is a price war everywhere. In the face of industry chaos, Chenhui is more willing to create product differentiation, including the chip technology developed at this new product launch, which has been developed for a whole year and eight months, and the internal skill training of the enterprise is very solid. Every step is very cautious. Like the replacement market, it may not be done in a large area, but will concentrate on the intensive cultivation in 20 provinces. Therefore, Chenhui prefers the latter, step by step, to become a truly powerful LED enterprise.