Implementation is my priority, and system comes first -- learning experience from "Execution"

In the past two days, I participated in a training on execution organized by the company at a large amount of money. Teacher Huang from Jianfeng delivered a witty, vivid and meaningful speech, which hit my mind and benefited me a lot.

The first day was mainly about execution. As a middle-level cadre, I think the general principle of middle-level executive power is execution, which is a kind of discipline in the final analysis.

As a member of the middle level of the company, it is worth pondering how to improve the execution ability in the future work and give full play to his power. Among the twelve key points of middle level execution, I think the following points are the most important:

1. The outside is round and the inside is square.

As the leader of one of the sales departments of the company, under the premise of mastering the company's system, it is our most important responsibility to have a harmonious relationship with our subordinates, communicate well with our brother departments, and take the completion of the company's objectives as the first criterion. As a sales department, it is impossible to deal with the same things. It will encounter different problems and different customers. How to properly handle various situations and emergencies is also particularly important. However, it is necessary to make it clear that "internal" - the company's system is always the first.

2. Start with details and learn from the PLA.

3. The stupid rule.

From the perspective of sales, I think we can talk about these two points together. As the source of the company, we have always emphasized meticulous and meticulous. We must pay attention to the details in every link from the work instructions we provide to the packaging materials. The negligence of any detail may cause great losses. Such cases exist around us. The "stupid rule" tells us that when formulating the process, we must use the most simple and understandable method. In particular, when making packaging materials, businesses need to be more simple and clear, requiring the most stupid people to be able to distinguish at a glance. Don't leave ambiguous content to the production workshop, don't let them guess, don't let them speculate, it must be simple and clear.

4. Humanized management.

I have heard of humanized management from other places before, but Mr. Huang's opinion on humanized management is the most touching and most agreed with me.

The humanized environment, the humanized system, the humanized process and the inhumane execution make some things that we have been struggling with suddenly clear. How important is the feasibility of the system and process. I hope that some of our subsequent company processes can be improved in this regard, so that all procrastination and all behaviors under the guise of cumbersome process will disappear, and the implementation will be inhuman when the process is changed.

5. Cases (see team leaders from Lang Ping)

From Lang Ping's case, I can see the shock effect that excellent team leaders can bring. As the manager of the department, I ask myself: How much contribution have I made to this department? How many problems have been solved for the following salesmen? Have you found their flash point? Are they correcting their shortcomings? I think I'm really lacking in team management, which makes me feel ashamed. I will strengthen it in the future.

6. That's not hard work

I hope I can be a conscientious person at ordinary times, improve my work efficiency and do less useless work. I also hope that the following salesmen can do the same to avoid duplication of labor. For example, do a good job of sorting and filing the documents, and don't waste energy on repeatedly asking for some information and repeatedly making some quotations.

7. What is the problem of Chenhui?

Finally, when Mr. Huang asked the question "Where is the problem of Chenhui?", many colleagues expressed their opinions, but when Mr. Huang released the correct answer. The words "in me" once again shook everyone's hearts. In fact, when things happen to us, we all choose to escape and find reasons from others. The original problem is "me". Yes, if everyone finds a problem in themselves and makes some changes, maybe our team will take a big step forward.

I think about my small team carefully. Although there are bright spots, there are still many shortcomings. For example:

1. Didn't go out. Businessmen spend too little time on business trips and are always entangled in internal company affairs. There is too little time to face customers directly.

2. The relationship with customers is too formulaic, there are many pure business relationships, and the private relationship is not strong enough. Some reasons cannot be truly understood.

3. Each salesperson can be called an excellent merchandiser, but not an excellent salesperson. They lack the ability to handle projects independently.

4. The understanding of product knowledge is not deep enough, and the interpretation of standards is not comprehensive enough.

5. The team cohesion is not enough and the team atmosphere is not strong enough.

In the future, as the manager of the team, I will urge myself to do a good job in the management work that I lack, and focus on increasing the opportunities for department salesmen to face customers directly, and do a good job in the supervision of business trips. This is the top priority of our department and the key point to solve the first three problems.

Mao Mudan, Ministry of Foreign Trade II