Let the dog go at the appointed time, and the desk will be lifted up to see how other people's companies can prevent overtime?

Nowadays, overtime has become the norm, and even gradually become a corporate culture. However, the extra long working hours do not mean that the improvement of the efficiency of the enterprise has resulted in the phenomenon of idleness in the daytime and intensification of work at night. Considering the efficiency of the enterprise, human resource waste and humanistic care, some enlightened bosses have launched an "anti overtime movement"

Mobile desk

An Internet design company in the Netherlands has designed a "mobile" desk, which will automatically lift off at work hours to prevent employees from continuing to work after work.

Some bosses believe that preventing employees from working overtime can not only improve work efficiency, but also enable companies to achieve a virtuous circle. In order to prevent employees from working overtime, these Internet companies are actually worried.

Heldergroen, an Internet design company in the Netherlands, designed all the equipment in the office to be "mobile". At 6:00 p.m. every day, when the time of work comes, the table top with steel wire will slowly rise and hide in the ceiling. At this time, the table leg and office chair with pulley will be pushed aside, and the original serious office will become an open space, in which employees can freely move, No matter doing yoga or having dinner, nobody cares about you.

Heldergroen believes that when the off-duty time comes, it means that the working time has passed. They encourage employees to have a life outside of work. This movable desk can also make the best use of space and provide multifunctional use for the working environment.

Computer forced shutdown software

In the Korean workplace, the phenomenon of unpaid overtime is also very serious, but it is not that the longer the overtime, the better the work efficiency. In order to improve the work efficiency of employees, some enterprises in South Korea have introduced the system of "compulsory computer shutdown at 7 p.m.". The system was first introduced by a financial bank in Gyeonggi. Before the introduction of the system, the average off-duty time of their employees was 11:40 p.m. But since the introduction of the mandatory computer shutdown system, employees can basically get off work on time at seven o'clock every night.

At 6:30 every afternoon, the project leader will remind everyone: "30 minutes before the end of the business, please finish the work as soon as possible." The employees will start to finish the work. After 20 minutes, the words "10 minutes before the end of the business" will appear on each employee's computer, and the speed of the employees' finishing work will be accelerated. After seven o'clock, the computer automatically turned off, and employees left the office with bags.

After the use of the mandatory computer shutdown system, the procrastination culture in enterprises has been changed. People will concentrate on completing the tasks at hand in the shortest time, and formalism will be reduced. This working mechanism is also recognized by Volkswagen, which stipulates that employees will not be able to use the company's unified mail system 30 minutes after work,

In other words, employees are required not to work overtime as much as possible.

"Control violence with violence"

Just like the slogan on the poster, "Let the dog off the brake at 6:9, and the sun closes for the earth", an advertising company in Jinan held two "Let the dog off the brake" activities every month in order to change the industry situation of excessive overtime and day and night reversal. "6:9" means 6:45 p.m., which is the company's prescribed off-duty time. At this time, the "dog" played by the strong employees and security guards will rush to every corner with a big iron chain to drive away the employees who are still working.

If the employees still don't leave, the company will put out the "magic trick" - turn off the lights and power off. The company hopes to promote the "release of the brake and the dog" activity to its branches and even affect the entire advertising industry

The work status of the bank has improved.

Forced outage week

Quirky, an online market for creative goods in New York, has created a unique "blackout week" system to eliminate the burnout of employees due to intensive overtime. Every quarter, the company will fall into a state of forced power failure for one week, and all employees except customer service can only take a holiday. For Quirky, this creative vacation that conforms to the trend of "anti overtime" also brings some positive energy: the company has entered a virtuous circle, and GE has invested $30 million for them.

The "blackout and anti-overtime campaign" has become a trend, and even the hard-working Japanese workplace has been affected. The Kanagawa Prefecture Government of Japan takes the lead. When it arrives at 7:00 every night, the door of the county government will be closed, and the entire office area will become empty.

After reading these, I just want to say: there is a boss called: the boss of others! However, Xiaochen wants to say that overtime is not the purpose. Instead of letting employees stay late and pretending to be busy, it is not as good as working in the daytime. It saves unnecessary "overtime" at night by keeping everything in order

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