Huai'an Jinling International Hotel and Chenhui Guangbao to upgrade the light environment of underground space

Huai'an Jinling International Hotel is located at Chuzhou Avenue, Huai'an District, Huai'an City. It is a high-star business conference hotel managed by Nanjing Jinling Hotel Management Company, a well-known national brand, and invested and built by Taiwan's Chen's enterprise. The hotel is close to famous scenic spots such as the Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, the Water Transport Museum, the Water Transport Mansion, and the Hexia Ancient Town, and you can quickly drive to the entrance of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. The superior geographical location, luxurious and comfortable room service, and complete conference and banquet facilities make Huai'an Jinling International Hotel an ideal choice for leisure vacation, business meetings, and high-end banquets.

Because the underground space of Huai'an Jinling International Hotel needs to guarantee an ultra-long lighting time of up to 24 hours a day 365 days a year, which has brought high electricity bills and maintenance pressure to the hotel. In order to effectively save energy and maintenance costs, the hotel decided to upgrade the lighting environment of the underground working environment and underground garage. The project adopts T8LED tubes of Chenhui Guangbao Chenzhiri series. Because LED has higher energy efficiency and longer service life than traditional lighting, after installation, it not only fully meets customers' requirements for lighting quality, but also greatly improves the energy-saving effect and operating efficiency, and the atmosphere of the hotel underground space becomes safer and more comfortable.

At present, energy conservation and emission reduction have become the consensus and work focus of governments at all levels and all sectors of society. While actively promoting LED efficient lighting products and solutions, Chenhui Guangbao has also accumulated a lot of successful experience in energy conservation and reconstruction in commercial supermarkets, banks, hospitals, schools, hotels, offices and other fields, and has continuously demonstrated with strength who is the "LED · replacement king"!

As a professional LED lighting manufacturer and lighting system solution provider, Chenhui Guangbao, with its good reputation and excellent strength, successfully won the bid of "Baishi Logistics National Reservoir LED Lighting Replacement and Transformation Project", and customized a set of efficient and practical lighting system solutions for it.