The second Chenhui Guangbao internal competition in 2019 was a complete success

The second Chenhui Guangbao internal competition in 2019 was a complete success

In order to meet the talent demand brought by the rapid development of the company, strengthen the construction of the enterprise talent team, and do a good job in the internal talent selection and training, the company, based on the established "Construction and Training Plan for Reserve Talents", gives excellent or highly educated employees/cadres a platform to show themselves, complete career planning, and achieve life goals.

1、 Open competition for training

The company implements an open competitive recruitment system for logistics and management posts, and all logistics and management posts must be competitive for posts. Both front-line employees and management cadres at the grass-roots level can participate in the competition for multiple key positions, such as workshop production line leader/director/manager, logistics director/manager, to achieve post promotion. At the competition meeting, the candidate gave a wonderful speech around the basic information of the individual, the work content and performance of the current position, the cognition of the competitive position, and the next work plan, and answered the targeted on-site questions of the judges. The competitive recruitment takes the form of on-site scoring by the judges, and according to the principle of "fairness, fairness, openness, and selection of the best", the candidates to be trained for each post will be evaluated. Taking the first internal competition for employment in 2019 organized in June as an example, combined with the usual performance data and the on-site performance of the competition, a total of 14 of the 28 people who actually participated in the speech were included in the training list, with a success rate of 50%.

2、 Ability of internal and external training

The company has established a complete set of training systems and systems, and has rich and comprehensive training courses. Employees/cadres who have been recruited into the training list through internal competition can formally enter the company's reserve talent pool after passing the on-site process test and a total of 8 internal training examinations for various systems and processes. For example, in 2019, 12 of the first batch of 14 people in the proposed training list passed the examination, with a passing rate of 86%. Two supervisors can be promoted to managers; 5 line leaders can be promoted to supervisors; Four front-line employees can be promoted to line leader, and one front-line employee can be promoted to quality controller. These excellent reserve talents will continue to be the key training and selection targets of the company in the future. On the one hand, through the combination of internal and external training, they can continuously improve their abilities in all aspects; On the other hand, through training and practice in their respective competitive positions, it is helpful for them to find out the weaknesses of their personal development, seize the time to learn, and consciously improve the knowledge and ability required for the corresponding positions, so as to promote work improvement and personal career growth.

3、 Reserve talents to fill vacancies

When there is a vacancy in the management position, you can directly select and hire from the reserve talent pool, and arrange these highly capable and highly educated employees in the appropriate positions, so as to truly achieve the goal of "making the best use of people's abilities".

On the 10th of this month, as the second internal competition meeting in 2019, a total of 13 excellent employees from all positions participated in the on-site competition, including 11 front-line employees, after the public registration and preliminary selection of the candidates organized by the Human Resources Department in the early stage.
The establishment and implementation of the Company's Training Plan for the Construction of Reserve Talents and the Internal Competitive Recruitment System broke the original cadre appointment and dismissal mechanism at one stroke, and really opened the promotion channel for ordinary employees. I believe that more and more outstanding talents can stand out, get the opportunity to display their talents and pursue their dreams, and contribute to the development of Chenhui!