Warmly congratulate Chenhui Guangbao on winning the two major awards of the 30th anniversary celebration meeting of the China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association

Warmly congratulate Chenhui Guangbao on winning the two major awards of the 30th anniversary celebration meeting of the China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association

On November 21, the 30th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the China Lighting Appliances Association was held in Beijing. The conference commended the outstanding collectives and exemplary individual emerging in the industry over the past three decades. Chenhui Guangbao won the excellent collective award "Excellent Export Enterprise in China's Lighting Appliance Industry" established at the conference, and Ms. Gan Caiying, the president, won the personal award "Excellent Entrepreneur in China's Lighting Appliance Industry".

The award of "Excellent Export Enterprise in China's Lighting Industry" was established to recognize the industry enterprises that have made outstanding achievements in export. The main assessment basis is the total export volume of enterprises and the coverage of export countries or regions. It not only requires the selected enterprises to have good production and operation performance, and rank at the top of the industry in terms of exports in the industry or segment, but also requires stable and reliable product quality, complete management and service system, good reputation and active performance of social responsibilities.

▲ Gan Caiying (second from left), president of Chenhui Guangbao, came to the stage to accept the award
The predecessor of Chenhui Guangbao is Zhejiang Chenhui Lighting Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1994. It began to produce traditional fluorescent lamps and began to transform LED lighting in 2010. After more than 20 years of honest operation, the company has developed into a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service. Each year, it produces more than 100 million sets of LED, fluorescent lamps and other lighting products.
The company's products are mainly concentrated in LED tubes, bracket lamps, panel lamps, barrel lamps, classroom lamps, garage lamps, fresh lamps and outdoor lamps, and have successively passed CCC, UL, GS, CB, SAA, SASO, KS and other certifications, and meet the RoHS directive and REACH requirements of the European Union. The company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 system certification, has CNAS national accreditation laboratory, and has continuously increased investment in the comprehensive application of advanced IMS intelligent manufacturing system, so that all links of production and manufacturing, such as raw material warehousing and receiving, workshop production, and finished product delivery, can be effectively monitored and information real-time shared, ensuring stable and reliable product quality and a complete management and service system.

The company has always put product research and development in the first place and can provide all kinds of lighting products to meet the market demand at the first time. In the international market, the company's products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions around the world, and have established close business relations with internationally renowned major customers in the fields of LED tubes, panel lamps, bracket lamps, tubular lamps, ceiling lamps, etc., which are favored and praised by customers; In the domestic market, the "king of LED replacement" strategy proposed by the company has also been effective. In recent years, the company has won a wider range of high-quality large-scale lighting projects, and the number and scale of projects have also continued to grow steadily. For example, the company has won the "National High-efficiency Lighting LED Product Promotion Project" for three consecutive years, the "National Education Equipment Center" General Classroom Lighting Transformation Project "for primary and secondary schools "Shanghai Food and Drug Inspection Bureau Building", "Jiaxing Finance Bureau Building Reconstruction", "Ningbo Beilun Free Trade Zone New Building" and other government projects; Chenhui Guangbao products can be seen in supermarkets, schools, hospitals, factories, banks and road administration lighting. It is particularly worth mentioning that the company has actively responded to the call of the state to protect the eyesight of primary and secondary school students, and has rich experience in research and development, production and promotion in the field of professional classroom lighting. There are about 2000 primary and secondary schools that have participated in the replacement and transformation of classroom lighting, with more than 50000 classrooms, and has fulfilled the promise of "light" for children's healthy eyes with practical actions.

It is under the leadership of President Gan Caiying that Chenhui Guangbao can continue to develop and grow, stand out from many lighting enterprises, successfully establish a good reputation of "Chenhui equals high quality", and win the trust of customers and the affirmation of the industry, from taking over a village enterprise that is on the verge of bankruptcy to the modern chemical plant that is constantly improving the level of intelligent manufacturing.

▲ Gan Caiying (first from left), president of Chenhui Guangbao, came to the stage to accept the award
With more than 20 years of management experience in the lighting industry, she was able to keenly sense market changes and resolutely seize opportunities to lead the company to achieve rapid development in a crisis-ridden market environment. In 2000, several full-automatic fluorescent lamp production lines were built to improve the first-pass rate; In 2010, it successfully transformed from fluorescent tubes to LED, and invested a large amount of limited funds in the research and development of LED lighting chips, drivers, equipment and other fields, as well as the construction of LED dust-free workshops and laboratories; In 2012, it re-positioned the market, cut off the non-specialized business, focused on LED tubes, and continued its professional advantages in the field of tubes, from the production capacity of hundreds of millions of tubes per year in the era of fluorescent lamps to more than 60 million tubes per year today; In 2015, she grasped the development trend of lighting and strengthened the technical research and development, patent application and technical personnel training of lighting products focusing on panel lamps; In 2017, a special team was set up to actively explore and develop the field of intelligent lighting • • The company was also under her leadership, with excellent quality, perfect sales channels and honest business philosophy, and was successively rated as the National High-tech Enterprise, Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center, Zhejiang Provincial Technology Research and Development Center, Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology SMEs, Zhejiang Provincial Export Brand Enterprise, Zhejiang Provincial Standard Innovation Enterprise The company's products were rated as famous brand products in Zhejiang Province and selected into the 2018 independent innovation and high-quality product recommendation catalogue; At the same time, the company actively participated in the formulation of industry standards and specifications, and became an important force to promote the development of the lighting industry.