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In 2016, Ningbo LED lighting industry will break 40 billion, and intelligent lighting will become a new air outlet.
In 2016, Ningbo LED lighting industry will break 40 billion, and intelligent lighting will become a new air outlet.
       Lead: This year, the lighting-related LED-related industry in Ningbo will exceed 40 billion yuan. However, the current foreign trade environment is complex, and domestic homogenization competition is intensifying. Many lighting companies are beginning to seek cross-border development. They are aiming at emerging sub-sectors such as plant lighting, health lighting, smart lighting, and automotive lighting, and strive to achieve new growth.
       Classroom lights can prevent myopia
       "The function of classroom health light source can not only effectively reduce the risk of myopia, but also regulate the psychological state of people, and even affect endocrine." President Liu Qiang of Zhejiang Kaiyao Lighting Co., Ltd. said, "Industry scholars have done experiments and will have an original The old hen, which produces an egg for 24 hours, is placed in a black box. The light is turned on in 8 hours and the light is turned off in 8 hours. After a few days, the laying period of the hen is shortened from 24 hours to 16 hours. The effect of visible light on animals is enormous."
       Zhejiang Kaiyao's output value is expected to reach 1.5 billion yuan this year, but 90% is for OEM processing of foreign brands such as Philips and Osram. The sharp decline in foreign trade export profits has made enterprises eager to expand the domestic market and create their own brands. The entry point they chose was healthy lighting and started with the classroom light source.
       "When the light source is too white and too bright, it will make people depressed and nervous, and the warm light will make people sleepy and inattentive. After repeated experiments, we will keep the color temperature of the light source at 4000K~5000K, which is conducive to students' efficiency. And learn happily," he said. At present, Kay's LED classroom health lighting source has exceeded the health standards in terms of blue light, stroboscopic, color temperature, brightness and other technical indicators, and participated in the drafting and formulation of the "Technical Specifications for Energy-saving Certification of Lighting Products for Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens". It is understood that the product has been used in schools such as Yizhong Middle School and Ningbo Middle School.
       Guangpei Ganoderma lucidum can also prevent pests and diseases
       Ningbo Shengpu Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is aiming at another "black technology" - LED light cultivation crops. Yin Hui, deputy general manager of the company, said that their R&D team noticed that “succulent plants” became the new favorite of white-collar workers, and they developed a “LED plant growth table lamp”. Using the principle of spectroscopy, long-term succulents in the room can fully absorb the red light that promotes photosynthesis in the light lines, so that plants can avoid death due to long-term lack of illumination.
       “In fact, light culture has been widely used in nursery. But there are several drawbacks to using traditional incandescent or sodium lamps: First, the cost is too expensive and difficult to promote; Second, the heat generated by incandescent lamps can burn plants; Third, the life of traditional light sources is short. The controllability is poor. Therefore, it is very suitable to use LED lighting in this link," said Wang Yuhong, vice president of Ningbo Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Coincidentally, Ningbo Ji Nong Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a household planting lamp that is more than 2 meters high and can grow all kinds of vegetables and ornamental plants under indoor light. According to the credit of the company's responsible person, this product was originally developed for the border guards stationed in high-altitude, alpine regions and islands, because the weather conditions are poor and the traffic is inconvenient, the soldiers can not eat vegetables. The product uses the principle of spectroscopy to produce a small amount of vegetables.
       Professor Zhou Weijun, director of the Institute of Agronomic Crops Science, Zhejiang University, introduced his technologies such as LED light-gathering Ganoderma lucidum and Dendrobium candidum to prevent pests and diseases and shorten the growth cycle. Dr. Wu Mingming, deputy dean of the National Semiconductor Lighting R&D and Industry Alliance Industry Research Institute, said that the LED light source cultivation crop technology has become increasingly mature and the safety has been recognized. However, there are no relevant standards yet, and the cost is too high, so it has not yet been fully marketized. .
       Intelligent lighting has become a new outlet for corporate layout
       When the Internet of Things and sensor technology matured, intelligent lighting became the next market segment for many enterprise layouts. At home, when the owner gets up at night, the lights light up slightly; when you go home, the living room lights turn on automatically; when the lamp life is approaching, it automatically reminds you to change... Ningbo products have already had these functions. “Scenario lighting has become the next goal of intelligent lighting. For example, when the mood is poor, the light source switches to warm color; when the old man enters the room, the brightness automatically decreases; when the friends gather, the color temperature increases, which makes people's excitement increase...” Liu Qiang said, “And LED The semiconductor material itself is an electronic component that is extremely easy to control, so the intelligent market is vast."
In recent years, the continuous increase in car ownership has also made Ningbo enterprises begin to enter this big market. According to Wu Mingming, in the past five years, the market share of LED automotive lighting has doubled, and Ningbo's automobile industry has a solid foundation. Local enterprises should quickly rush to seize the market. At present, companies such as Shengpu Optoelectronics have cooperated with OEMs such as Chery and Volkswagen to lay out this field. This year, the output value of the car headlights of Shengpu Optoelectronics will reach 30 million yuan. Yin Hui, deputy general manager of the company, expects that the company's business will achieve explosive growth next year.
The first dynamic active LED headlights are available, which can achieve "the car does not turn the lights first"
       Compared with automotive lighting technology, locomotives have not had much breakthrough. Although the BMW K1600GTL has active steering technology, the complicated structure is difficult to popularize. However, with the improvement of LED technology, some operators have made it easier and smarter to make more Under the premise of no major modification, the locomotive can have the ability to "turn the car without turning, the light comes first", and improve the safety when cornering at night.
Chen Huiguangbao
       When the vehicle produces a tilt angle, the inner light group will illuminate and shine in front of the curve (all images source: flip from JW Speaker) JW Speaker from the United States, long-term focus on the development of lamps, recently launched the industry's first Dynamic active LED headlights, in a light and thin volume, into the gyroscope and other sensing components, and with multiple sets of LEDs and lenses, can bring a greater angle of illumination, when the heavy machine bends to produce a tilt angle, Automatically illuminate the inside of the corner, let the Cavaliers know the road ahead of time, and the ride at night is no longer fearful.
Chen Huiguangbao
       Compared with the general lamp group, the active LED headlights are not particularly large, and can be easily integrated into various models. Because this group of headlights does not require too much space, it can be integrated with various models even if the line is installed. The simple American heavy machine can also be perfectly integrated without being abrupt; currently JW Speaker and the old American heavy machine Victory will continue to promote to more models in the future.
Is the green and yellow difference in white light saved? Saudi scientists have done with nanowire LEDs
       Lead: Researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia have proposed a novel approach that can fill the "green-yellow" common in multi-phosphor-based white-light LED applications due to poor conversion efficiency.
       Researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) have proposed a novel approach that can be The “green-yellow gap” caused by poor conversion efficiency is common in white LED applications with multiple phosphors.
Chen Huiguangbao
20161101 LED NT01P3 SEM image of component structure using two temperature step growth method
In the research paper published in the journal ACS Photonics, "True Yellow Light-Emitting Diodes as Phosphor for Tunable Color-Rendering Index Laser-Based White Light", a nanowire LED (NW LED) emitting at 588 nm is described. ), capable of growing on low-cost titanium (Ti) thin film/silicon (Si) substrate platforms compatible with CMOS processes. Its compact nanowire layer can grow to a surface density of 9x109 cm^2 with a fill factor of 88%.
Chen Huiguangbao
LED NT01P2 component structure shows multiple nanowires growing side by side
Each nanowire p-i-n LED structure is embedded in an active region of a stack of 5 layers of 3 nm thick InGaN quantum discs (Qdisks) separated by 10 nm quantum barrier layers.
When operating the yellow-light nanowire LEDs alone, the researchers observed a peak emission of 588 nm and a low on-voltage of about 2.5 V at 29.5 A/cm^2 (about 75 mA on a 0.5x0.5mm^2 component). The quantum efficiency is about 39%, and the "efficiency reduction" does not occur until the implantation density of 29.5 A/cm^2 is reached.
Next, the researchers showed the benefits of mixing this yellow light with red, green, and blue laser diodes. In the actual setup, the RGB beam is used to illuminate the yellow nanowire LED, just like a phosphor, and a light scattering layer is used in the reflective configuration to add its yellow light emission to the white light mixture.
       The result is a correlated color temperature of approximately 6000K and a color rendering index of 87.7.
Chen Huiguangbao
LED NT01P1 yellow light nanowire LED
       Boon S. Ooi, director of the KACST Solid State Lighting Technology Innovation Center and professor of electrical engineering, said the goal of this approach is to reduce the intensity of blue light in white light, creating a warm white light that is more friendly to the human eye, while also being based on lasers. Solid-state lighting (SSL) provides a new way to tune color temperature. “At the moment, we have patented this technology,” and this also hints at some future business opportunities.
Plan to develop national standards for photobiosafety for two lamp and lamp systems
       According to the Notice of the National Standards Committee on the Release of the Fourth Batch of National Standards and Revisions Plan 2016 issued by the National Standards Committee on December 13, 2016, the national standard plan related to photobiosafety of lamps and lamp systems is as follows:
       No.: 307, Plan No.: 20162363-T-604, Project Name: Photobiosafety of Lamps and Lamp Systems - Part 3: Guidelines for the safe use of strong pulsed light source equipment for human body, standard nature: recommended, revised: Adopt international standard: IEC TR62471-3:2015, project cycle: 24 months, the competent authority: China Machinery Industry Federation, focal point: National Optical Radiation Safety and Laser Equipment Standardization Technical Committee, drafting unit: Hangzhou Zheda Tricolor Instrument Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Sanse Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Smart Health Lighting Research Center.
       No.: 308, Plan No.: 20162364-T-604, Project Name: Photobiosafety of Lamp and Light System Part 5: Projector, Standard Nature: Recommended, Revision: Formulation, Project Period: 24 months, Administration : China Machinery Industry Federation, the focal point: National Optical Radiation Safety and Laser Equipment Standardization Technical Committee, drafted by: Hangzhou Zhejiang University Tricolor Instrument Co., Ltd., Huizhou Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, Zhejiang Sanse Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Tang Guoqing's "Six-word Mantra" Interpretation of the Development of LED Lighting Industry in 2016
       2016, the Internet +, LED +, the world's routine has changed, 2017, the new normal has been the norm, this earth needs a new orientation. On the occasion of resigning the old and welcoming the new, looking back at the ups and downs of the LED lighting industry in the past year, Tang Guoqing, the general manager of Samsung LED China, used six keywords to make a summary hot review.
       First sale
       In the face of the fierce market competition, international giants such as Philips and Osram have adopted the strategy of “slimming”. Not long ago, Philips sold 80.1% of Lumileds to Apollo Global Management, and the intent price of the transaction fell from the initial $3.3 billion of Sandbank Ventures to $2 billion.
       Why is Philips selling Lumileds? First, Lumileds' profit opportunities have been reduced. The strategic position in the Philips business system is not so important. Another unspeakable possibility is that "the real stream is defeated to imitation." After all, the domestic LED industry has developed rapidly in recent years, creating so many super cost-effective products. Philips' competition in the Chinese market has become inadequate.
       At the same time, OSRAM sold its subsidiary LEDVANCE and Sanan intends to acquire OSRAM... When we link these events together, an unavoidable fact is already in sight: whether you sell or not. The trend of historical development is unstoppable, but it is only a matter of time.
       Second is retreat
       In September this year, GE announced that it will withdraw from the lighting market in Asia and Latin America. In my opinion, this may be a strategy of “retreating forward” or “returning for good”. In Interband's 2016 “World's Most Valuable Brands List”, GE's brand value ranking dropped from 8th last year to 10th, but still reached US$43.1 billion, up 2% from 2015. Not long ago, GE and Samsung Electronics signed a global patent licensing agreement. It can be seen that GE pays more attention to the layout of the patent field.
       The third is the lawsuit
       This is mainly represented by Nichia. According to incomplete statistics, Nichia has 17 patent litigation cases this year, which means that patents may be the last bastion of these multinational companies. On the other hand, this is also a great sorrow for Chinese companies. The LED industry has been developing for so many years, and it has never solved the problem of white LED patents, and it has not been able to enter the mainstream markets in Europe and America.
       Fourth is innovation
       Chinese LED companies still have the ability to innovate. For example, a LED chip company called Yuanrong Technology relies entirely on local power. Without asking a returnee and foreign experts, it has created a miracle in the chip industry through its own hard work. After the acquisition of Qingdao Jiesheng, it has strengthened its strength and complemented each other. It has made a major breakthrough in the field of deep ultraviolet: it has created a world record of 176 mW of single chip with a maximum optical power of more than 10,000 hours and won the national science. Second prize for progress. These are typical representatives of the strong creativity of Chinese LED companies.
       Five is profit
       The so-called surplus refers to the profit of the enterprise. It is understood that among the 32 LED listed companies, 29 have achieved revenue growth, 23 have achieved net profit growth, and the overall performance is relatively good.
       Six is ​​up
       This is a grand finale this year. Glass rose 40%, aluminum 3
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