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1994 ---- set up Shaoxing county electric light source factory. Began to develop fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and
special light source.
2000 - Zhejiang Morninghope Lighting Co. Ltd. was incorporated, began using the full automatic production line.
2000 - Hongkong branch Morninghope lighting incorporated, further enhance the company's competitiveness in the global market.
2003 - incorporated Shangyu Chenhui Electrical Co. Ltd, specializing in the production of energy-saving lamps and lamp supporting
fluorescent lamp.
2007 - Zhejiang Morninghope Lite on Technology Company Limited was incorporated into the domestic high-end lighting market.
2009 ---- the company began to focus on LED products.
2010 - the company began to invest in the development, production and sales of LED lights.


Morninghope Lite: what kind of corporate culture?

From the start, Morninghope Lite development today, has gone through a long and extraordinary 20 years.
After 20 years of operation, Morninghope Lite relatingto the cultural connotation and profound and unique
personality of enterprise.
20 years of trials and hardships, there is a belief in the motivation, to guide us. This belief is - honesty.


Intuitive mission defines the Morninghope Lite career - "light" (lighting), light can change the shape of life, light can be touched by the inner world! This is the reason and value of......了解更多

Won the industry more than a certificate of honor:

Energy saving product certification, CCC compulsory certification, 07 years AAA credit certificate, CSC certification

Product honor

Morninghope street lamp, tunnel lamp, downlight, first through the LED certification.
The first batch of Morninghope eye lamp won the visual lamp product certification (six).
Morninghope LED lamp energy saving safety certification through the first test.

LED period

In 2014, China's LED industry was the most growth enterprise certification, becoming……MORE